Maritime Support Services in Brazil

Welcome to Rihel

Company Overview

We are experts in Maritime Support Services. We clean bilges of ships, tanks, machine houses, warehouses and roll mats in port areas.

  • Strategically located
  • Cover all coastline
  • Trained and Certified Team
  • Broad work and port expertise
  • Machinery mastery
  • Great clients
  • Call us +55 13 3017-0037

Operational Bases

We cover Brazil's coastline entirely

SANTOS PORT (Headquarter)

BAHIA STATE - Aratu Port, Ilhéus Port, Salvador Port / ESPIRITO SANTO STATE - Tubarão Port, Praia Mole Port, Ubu Port / RIO DE JANEIRO STATE – Rio de Janeiro Port, Niterói Port, Itaguai Port, Angra Port / SÃO PAULO STATE – Santos Port, São Sebastião Port / PARANÁ STATE – Antonina Port, Paranagua Port / SANTA CATARINA STATE – Imbituba Port, Itajaí Port, São Francisco Port / RIO GRANDE DO SUL STATE – Rio Grande Port


SERGIPE STATE – Barra dos Coqueiros Port / ALAGOAS STATE – Jaragua Port / PERNAMBUCO STATE – Petrolina Port, Recife Port, Suape Port / RIO GRANDE DO NORTE STATE – Natal Port, Areia Branca (TERMISA – Salt Terminal) / CEARÁ STATE – PECEM Port, Mucuripe Port / MARANHÃO STATE – Itaqui Port, Ponta da Madeira Port / PARÁ STATE – Vila do Conde Port, Belém Port, Santarém Port, Trombetas Port / AMAPÁ STATE – Santana Port / AMAZONAS STATE – Itacoatiara Port

Our Services

We are experts in what we do


Clause NO CURE NO PAY duly applied when reliable surveyor be appointed to conduct hohlds cleanliness condition survey

Cleaning gang + equipments will be landed adhore only with holds inspected / approved by surveyors.


Fuel tank cleaning

Drinking water tank cleaning

Engine room cleaning


Scraping for rust removal

Painting (touch paint)


We do it the right way


Dock's Authority


Sanitary Vigilance agency


Water Agency

Safety First

Rihel complies to many regulatory rules and team training, such as NR 06 – correct use of safety equipment, NR 07 – medical health control program, NR 29 – security and health of port work, NR 33 – work in confined spaces, NR 34 – work with hydroblasting machines, NR 35 – work in height,


Rihel's team of trained and qualified professionals has broad experience in maritime services. Due to our strategic locations, we can easily allocate our professional staff to your company needs.


Rihel's expertise also includes the use of appropriated machinery and equipment for carrying out the work. Water Blaster 350/500 bar; High pressure hoses; Cement, coal, sulphur removal; Chemical for all loads.


We are here to support your operation!